the art of design

adj 720141 777x1024 the art of design

Throughout all the chaos of moving I managed to squeeze a little time in to practice sewing. It’s been hard trying to teach myself but to be honest, I fell more and more in love with the process everyday. From picking the fabrics to creating patterns , to deciding how to cut the pieces to sewing it all together to create an actual garment; every step tickled my fancy.

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Pretty in Pink

adj 719141 831x1024 Pretty in Pink

So sorry for the lack of posts these past couple weeks. This whole moving across the country thing has been more hectic than I could imagine but the worst of it is over and I am excited to get settled in my new home!

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New York , New York

adj 626141 834x1024 New York , New York

I’m excited to announce that All Dat Jazz (aka me) is moving to New York! I will be attending Columbia University to get my masters in Communications Practice in the fall. I can’t wait to see what challenges, successes, and wonders New York will bring (although I have already experienced many challenges trying to find an apartment! lol) These were taken while I was out there.
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