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Black is Beautiful

In light of recent posts written by big time celebs Kelly Rowland and Brandy
about the struggle to embrace their beautiful dark brown skin, it reminded of a post I wrote awhile back titled “You’re Pretty…for a Dark Skinned Girl.” I too, have struggled with having dark skin. I was blessed enough to have an amazing mother who told me how beautiful I was and did little things like only buying me black Barbies so I could see representations of beauty the world that looked like me. However, it was the rest world that would continue to try and convince me that my skin wasn’t beautiful. But eventually, I was able to come to a point in my life where I said f*ck ’em, if people can’t appreciate what I have to offer then they aren’t worth my time. I think all shades of brown are beautiful and hope that one day they are all celebrated equally. 
Those posts inspired me to start a Beauty Diary series, featuring beauty products that I love, that look great on women of color..especially darker skinned woman. Growing up I’ve had such a hard time trying to find colors that actually looked good on me. So…stay tuned, I love makeup and will be sharing all my beauty loves!!

Style Inspirations for the Week

I was going through my weekly blog roll and realized there are so many outfits that I wanna try, so I decided to compile them for you. Happy Friday! =]

via http://victoriatornegren.devote.se/
I really love her style; it’s so sleek and simple but every outfit pops and looks bomb!
love this destroyed denim jacket…DIY project maybe…..?!
via http://macademiangirl.blogspot.com/
loving the mix of print, neon, and metallic!
via http://fashion-train.blogspot.com/
I think I need to cop a pair this weekend…ASAP!
via http://www.livinglifewasted.com/
Cat-eye sunglasses + a red lip = <3 !
via http://riamichelle.com/
the all black ensemble paired with leopard accents gets two thumbs up!