Pretty in Pink

So sorry for the lack of posts these past couple weeks. This whole moving across the country thing has been more hectic than I could imagine but the worst of it is over and I am excited to get settled in my new home!

New York , New York

I’m excited to announce that All Dat Jazz (aka me) is moving to New York! I will be attending Columbia University to get my masters in Communications Practice in the fall. I can’t wait to see what challenges, successes, and wonders New York will bring (although I have already experienced many challenges trying to find an apartment! lol) These were …

beauty diaries: finding a drugstore foundation

If you have ever been frustrated looking for foundation in the drugstore aisle or if you’ve been searching for a cheaper foundation option for you to wear day-to-day orrr if you just like experimenting with makeup, this post is for you! Today’s beauty diary entry is about finding the perfect drugstore foundation.