MAC Press-On Nails: UPDATE

Remember the MAC press on nails I told you guys about….well I have some more info! (via nitrolicious) They are actually part of MAC’s Ruffian collection! “Cult New York designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais of Ruffian bring their infamous swagger to M·A·C in three EXCLUSIVE Ruffian Manicures and Lipsticks. Each ready-to-wear set includes 24 nails that are pre-glued and …

MAC to Release Press- On Nails

Now I have always been a fan of stiletto nails, but MAC has just announced that they are set to release press-on nails this summer and they look a little too good to pass up! via nitrolicious and Swag, I would like the ones in the middle please and thank you. =] XXXXXO Ofunne