Trend I Love: Neutrals

One of the trends that I am absolutely loving this spring are neutrals! Neutrals are hot and even though at first glance they may seem boring, they create such clean looks and are actually fun to play with. Here’s some inspiration for you all trying to create outfits with neutral pieces.

februarih- Happy Birthday Rihanna!

Obviously, I couldn’t let the day go by with out wishing my babe Robyn Fenty a happy 26th birthday! Seeing as she is my fashion icon and #1 inspiration, I decided to dedicate this post to her and some of my fave Rihanna looks from Februarih 2013 until now.


Before this month ends, I wanted to get a post in about where/how I want my “look” to evolve in 2014. Unfortunately, we are not all Beyonce. We don’t just “wake up like dis” (and neither does she for that matter, but i’ll leave that for the Beyhive to debate ). However, ┬áthat does NOT mean we can’t all be …